Press Release : Nauman Khan Azeemi becomes the first Pakistani to win The Prestigious Quilly Award

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Nauman Khan Azeemi is an entrepreneur, a technologist Public & Motivational Speaker, a transformational coach, Corporate Trainer, and Author based in Chicago. He has been providing consulting services for many companies, most of which are Fortune 500s. Today, he is the president and owner Burkhiya group of companies, with six businesses, five of which are in IT and one is an online retailer. He is simultaneously acting as an advisory board member to numerous profitable and non-profit organizations.
Nauman is a Certified Transformational coach and Speaker, and has helped transform life of thousands of his students. A natural leader and teacher, Nauman is passionate about helping others realize their fullest potentials. He decided to share his experiences and his story with others to continue to impact people and help them achieve success in their life as well. Nauman is a Certified Leadership Trainer certified by two influential names in Leadership training and success coaching. One of which is the internationally renowned # 1 leadership trainer John. C, Maxwell and the second being the world’s top most motivational speaker, Jack Canfield.

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Nauman khan Transformation Seminar

You may have the edge right now, but do you have what it takes to stay on top of your game and even go beyond? Khan has…

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Personal Coaching

Nauman Khan Personal Coaching Seminar

High achievers in any field who have coaches, always achieve more than their peers.This is why I’ve developed a personal coaching program on…

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Transformational Speaking

Nauman Khan Leadership Training Seminar

Ignite a sense of passion, purpose, & performance and Launch Yourself toward the Life You’ve always imagined…

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