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Nauman Khan Azeemi transformational coach

Nauman Khan Azeemi is a Pakistani American bestselling and Quilly® award-winning author, entrepreneur, technologist, motivational speaker, transformational coach and corporate trainer based in Chicago.

Nauman Khan Azeemi’s journey started in Pakistan with humble beginnings. He moved to US in 2001, where he carved his own path to success. He became a millionaire at the age of 21, lost his fortune in 2008 during economic depression and rose once again with a career in IT.
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Come join hands with us and begin the journey of transformation! Volunteer your time to make a difference in your life and of those around you. Nauman has a huge vision that needs change agents in every city and every region. Contribute your share in Nauman Khan Azeemi’s endeavor to transform the youth of Pakistan.

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Nauman’s Mission

Nauman’s mission is to bring impactful revolution in the lives of millions of young Pakistanis through success coaching, changing mindset and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Nauman is inviting Mastermind groups and thought leaders; welcoming the collaboration of people and organizations to join his mission and increase its outreach through creating ideas and opportunities.


The Journey to Transformation

March – April Spring 2017


During his visit to Pakistan in April 2017, Nauman Khan Azeemi conducted a series of seminars at the leading Universities to create wakefulness about conscious living, aiming big and achieving dreams, goal setting and other such success methodologies. He also talked about his plans of empowering the youth in the domain of technology and entrepreneurship. Held under the title “Journey to Transformation”, these seminars were an initiative of Tech In Pakistan and proved a huge success in motivating the students pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Coaching Lecture

Mastering The Art Of Success

“Mastering a job means we are proficient at performing that particular task successfully. It is also useful to note here that the word “success” has different meanings to different people. Success can mean, among other things: fame, fortune, emotional or skillful achievement.Proceeding through our growth years to maturity, we spend time and effort accumulating knowledge and resources, assessing our strengths and limitations, and taking action based on what we have learned. As we grow, so does our appetite for adventure and success. So, fortified with our initial progress, we set out to test our strength against the world. For those who achieve mastery of one job, the taste of success and the confidence it generates often propels them to attempt to master other tasks.”

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A Journey to Transformation

When it comes to experiencing transformation in your life, it’s all about taking the first step. Once you discover who you are truly meant to be, what your life purpose is and begin your jounrey towards it, everyday is step towards success. ‘Journey to Transformation’ is no ordinary expedition. It will take you to another realm, and introduce you to some of the most incredible experiences you can imagine.

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