The 21 Laws of Leadership - Nauman Khan Azeemi

The 21 Laws of Leadership


This 1 Day workshop/seminar is based on the philosophy of John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” that has been proved to be quite helpful in measuring one’s own personal growth in leadership abilities. There are 21 “laws” to leadership that are universally true no matter where one may lead in any culture or area of society. (Note: Sociologists generally agree that there are 7 “areas of society” which are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and entertainment.)

The workshop is conducted with very hands-on approach, and participants are engaged in different exercises related to Each Law discussed. Taking into account the sheer number of principles to discuss, this summary will be presented in three parts.

TIME: Full day Seminar with multiple Q & A opportunities.


  • Participants will learn about universal laws of leadership, empowering them to lead in any profession.
  • Participants will practice these laws and learn to become a leader, even if they never considered themselves to be.
  • Participants will learn to practice 21 laws and measure their growth and leadership abilities.


  • Leadership ability determines level of effectiveness.
  • True leadership must be earned.
  • Leader creating factors
  • Five leadership myths
  • Leadership growth phases

Demonstrations and Exercise:

  • Each of the 21 Laws of Leadership has its own individual exercise that Nauman will conduct live.