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Several times in our lives, when we are on our way to excelling in our efforts to achieve what we truly want, we often feel the need for someone to believe in our potential, strengthen and our spirits. This allows us to receive the proper motivation to continue our determination and dedicated efforts. A motivational speaker contributes a major role in helping mobilize team spirit, spirit of achievement, and productivity among groups of people working together to create something through their conjoined efforts. They help in boosting the morale and enthusiasm of people, who are searching for a particular direction to follow to achieve their goals in life. The best motivational speakers have the ability to convince others to increase the amount of effort and energy which they put into their work life, thus helping them improve their performance, which will ultimately lead to their success in accomplishing their goals.

5 Best Motivational Speakers of the World

There are numerous inspirational personalities all over the world, who are striving to help people discover their true purpose and potential in life. The following personalities must be mentioned among the best motivational speakers in the world:

1- Les Brown

Les Brown is a highly regarded American author and motivational speaker. He has received the 1987 National Speakers Association’s Council of Peers Award of Excellence, the highest honor to be accepted by a motivational speaker. Les has also been included among the Top 5 Speakers of the World by Toastmasters International. His motivational quotes have served as a source of inspiration for many people in search of a role model to look up to, and have helped them believe in their ability to excel on their journey.

2- Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and transformation coach. Bob works with individuals worldwide, assisting them in building the mental foundations of success within themselves. He aims to help them discover the motivation to achieve their established goals. He also helps them develop strategies, that will allow them to grow, improve, and thrive in the fast-paced and ever evolving world of technological innovation. His vision is to bring a significant improvement in the quality of life globally, by helping to elevate the quality of thoughts individually.

3- John Maxwell

John Maxwell is an American author, inspirational speaker, and business trainer, who writes and lectures globally on leadership and personal development. He is termed as the leadership guru. John helps people all over the world to gain insight into their identity as a person, and helps them uncover the vast potential they possess to evolve into a strong leader, who would bring great value and innovation to the world. He helps create awareness among people about their inherent talents, which fuel the motivation for their personal and professional lives.

4- Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is a highly regarded American inspirational speaker and self-help expert. He has written several bestselling books during his career as a motivational speaker. His most famous publications among these are Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement. Through his speeches, Tony has inspired several audiences to develop the determination to endlessly strive toward transforming their lives. He generally writes about genres such as overcoming fears, health and energy, enhancing relationships, and persuasive communication.

5- Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is American inspirational speaker and self-development author, who has published over seventy books, which have been translated into various languages. His most famous book, Eat That Frog, is filled with a variety of important messages and themes, including how to avoid procrastination in our lives. Brian is the CEO of Brian Tracy International, and specializes in the mentorship and development of organizations and individuals all over the world. His mission is to help people realize their self-worth, and accomplish their life goals faster than they would without having someone to inspire them for gaining success.

The Link between Leadership and Motivation

Leadership is defined as the art of motivating a group of people to strive towards achieving a common goal. This definition of leadership basically captures the essence of being able to inspire others. It also means being prepared to do everything it takes to motivate others in sharing your vision to excel. Effective leadership is developed on the basis of ideas, but that leadership will not have influence on the team, unless those ideas can be communicated to them in a way which engages them enough to perform the way the leader wants them to perform.

Motivation is the feeling or desire of want within a person to perform a task in the best possible manner, and this feeling instills a certain level of encouragement and enthusiasm within a person to excel beyond the limitations which they have placed on themselves. Motivation is very important for an organization, as the more motivated it’s employees will be, the greater will be their productivity and enthusiasm for contributing to the organization as a whole.

Leadership and motivation basically co-exist simultaneously. The motivation level of the staff normally depends on the encouragement and appreciation which they receive from their leader. Staff who do not receive as much appreciation for their work as they feel they deserve will have low levels of motivation, and vice versa. Likewise, if they will not be consulted on any decisions which concern them, such as their pay, or if they are denied their due rights, this will make them feel demotivated and underappreciated.

On the other hand, the motivation level is quite different somewhere else where employees and employers work together with mutual consent. Employees are involved in the decision making process by allowing them to be part of meetings. This is a democratic style of leadership, and workers in this case are pleased to perform their duty and possess a positive sense of motivation to do their job. They feel a sense of pride to be a part of the organization, and feel confident that their actions and contributions actually mean a lot and serve a greater holistic purpose to their organization.

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