6 Famous Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs 2018

In the rapidly evolving world of innovation in Pakistan, women are steadily contributing to the economy and making their mark in different aspects of society. There has been a vast increase in the participation of women in technology induced entrepreneurship. Through the use of incubation companies in Pakistan, women have managed to achieve their goals and cause a tech revolution in Pakistan. The women of Pakistan are among the forerunners of this great revolution in technological innovation, a matter of great pride and honor for the country. This has led to a decline in the women dependence ratio, since now more women are sustaining their livelihood on their own. They are exploring themselves and their amazing potential to achieve excellence, which are leading them to discover new horizons of creativity and innovation.

6 Famous Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs

Among those brilliant female personalities who are striving for success today, there are several influential famous Pakistani women entrepreneurs whose contributions have had a phenomenal impact on society, and are described below as follows:

1- Sidra Qasim

Sidra Qasim is the co-founder of Markhor, a startup in Pakistan which aims to shift the spotlight away from mass production of shoes and re-introduce the concept of handcrafted shoes, made through several hours of tedious labor and attention. These handcrafted shoes made by local people are then sold to international markets worldwide. Her startup took the traditional side of the Pakistani shoe industry global with the aid of the Internet. She initiated Markhor with working craftsmen in Okara, but the startup’s idea took quite a turn when Google provided them with a grant, which led to a rise in their motivation. Within 3 years, the startup became hugely successful and they were able to expand their local shoe making industry on a global scale, to an extent that currently they even have designers based in San Francisco. Markhor was the first startup to be accepted in the Silicon Valley accelerator.

2- Arusha Imtiaz

Arusha Imtiaz is a young entrepreneur from Lahore, and is the founder of the startup, Edjuntion, which would allow parents to be directly in contact with their child’s teacher and receive regular updates about their child’s progress. Her startup has helped develop a connection between parents and their children, and has brought a great change in the education system of Pakistan. She is an electrical engineering graduate of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), and began her entrepreneurial journey by launching the SMAC Factory, a company whose aim was the combination of four SMAC technologies i.e. social, mobile, analytics and cloud to drive business innovation. Apart from Edjuntion, Arusha and her company are also currently working on another project, The Crib, both projects of which are highly successful. Her team is also collaborating with the City District Government of Lahore to incorporate Edjuntion into their local education system. Arusha may also be targeting to launch Edjunction in international markets.

3- Sehr Said

Sehr Said is the founder of BeautyHooked, a company which changes the whole process of using and consuming beauty products and services in Pakistan. BeautyHooked is an online portal which helps women to search, discover, compare and book beauty services at any particular time or place. Sehr’s startup has proved to be quite beneficial for several women in Pakistan, especially young brides-to-be. It has helped make it easier for women to decide which makeup or salon option they want to choose or which one would be better suited for the look they want to get. Sehr’s trusted team and ambassadors offer their personal recommendation for these beauty salons, after they have seen and experienced their service and quality for themselves. She also plans to transform it into a one-stop shop for all beauty products that can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.

4- Rameeza Moin

Rameeza Moin is the founder and CEO of Transparent Hands, and is one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. She is an educationalist and has dedicated a major part of her life to this profession. There are millions of underprivileged people in Pakistan, who are unable to provide for their family’s fundamental needs. This is where Rameeza received the idea for her startup and decided to focus her efforts into helping those who were unable to help themselves. Together with her brothers, she came up with the idea to generate money through crowdfunding, to provide financial help for patients who were unable to pay for the expensive hospital treatments on their own. However, her idea initially faced a lot of rejection, until she came across Plan9 incubator, which aided her mission to build her company, Transparent Hands, which has helped facilitate a lot of patients in Pakistan.

5- Sana Khan Niazi

Sana Khan Niazi is the founder of Paimona, and an artist who loves to explore different forms of expression, whether it is designing, visual arts or performing arts. Sana majored in Accounting and Finance as an undergraduate degree, and then proceeded to join the theatre for 4 years with Anwar Maqsood. Knowing the tremendous amount of skill and talent that her country’s people possessed, she decided to utilize that talent and work with it to make Pakistani -produced furniture available in other countries of the world. Her startup does not simply design regular furniture, but adds a modern touch to traditional Pakistani furniture, which makes it more unique and increases its demand internationally. Through her startup, Sana has sold large quantities of furniture through the business Facebook social media page, and aims to globalize the “Made in Pakistan” label.

6- Sihah Waris

Sihah Waris is the founder and CEO of RiseMom, a startup which focuses on enabling professional women to find a balance between the demands of their professional lives and the demands of motherhood, by creating a stress-free online daycare monitoring system. This online platform and mobile application allowed working mothers to connect with their children, through live videos and daily status updates about their child’s activities. Sihah started her professional journey in 2013, when she launched Solugix Pvt Ltd., a web development and design services firm, also responsible for providing IT solutions to small and medium companies all over the world. In 2015, Sihah received a scholarship to become part of the first batch of students at the Islamabad Chapter of the Founder Institute. She became the first female graduate of this entrepreneurship accelerator program, and even received the title of “Top Founder” for her startup, RiseMom.

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