Mastermind Your Way to Success - Nauman Khan Azeemi

Mastermind Your Way to Success

This course is designed to help your participants begin to build their support team to ensure continued learning and growth beyond the workshop.It is one of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people—whether the world’s richest industrialists from the early 20th Century or today’s modern icons of business—mastermind groups have played an important role. Napoleon Hill first talked about mastermind groups in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. And it’s the one concept people most reference when they credit any one thing with helping them become a millionaire.

TIME: 1 Hour, and 30 minutes Q& A Session


  • Participants will become aware of the benefits of being open to others ideas and the power of the group.
  • Participants will recognize the real value in their Mastermind Group is the accountability factor – having to report back to their group keeps them in forward momentum.

•Mastermind Groups.
• Accountability Partners.


  • How to Assemble a Mastermind Group
  • The Ideal Size of a Mastermind Group
  • 7 Steps to Conducting a Mastermind Meeting
  • Script for “Pitching” the Mastermind Group
  • How to Conduct an Accountability Interview


  • Conducting a Mastermind Meeting – Exercise
  • Accountability Partner – Exercise