Try Hard Until You Succeed - Nauman Khan Azeemi

Robert Collier, bestselling author and publisher of the secret ages said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Achieving excellence in any field of life is a laborious and time consuming pursuit. It requires commitment and consistent hard work.

Successful people often stress on committing to your goals unless they are fulfilled. Famous author Jack Canfield strictly adhered to this rule after finishing his book “The Success Principle” which is now the bestseller and highly acclaimed book. The book did not rise to fame and glory right away. It took the book one year of dedicated effort to reach the place it currently enjoys. Jack Canfield being the author of the book himself recounts the one year struggle period he had to go through to launch his book on the zenith of success. The saying, “Work hard until you succeed” perfectly complements his case as he worked day in and day out to bring his book in the limelight. The author recalls his daily struggle of calling at least five publishers and requesting them to publish his book. Moreover, he left no stone unturned to ensure that his book had access to famous personalities and celebrities who might be interested to give it a break. This struggle carried on every day for a year until the book finally got the global fame and became the bestseller.

The story of this book rising to global fame is quite inspiring. It is a living example of unrelenting efforts and commitment of the author to fulfill his dreams. Such is the journey and struggle of success. It does not come easily but the end result is worth the effort. Jack Canfield could have also given up the effort to sell his book seeing the number of times he was rejected. But he did not give up. Instead his efforts and hard work doubled which finally became the reason for his glorious victory.